Saturday, October 17, 2009

Therapy Stages

So another week has gone by & many new things are happening. Of course I am getting stronger everyday but I'd like to briefly explain the stages of recovery at Center IMT.

When I started at IMT in January, 2009 I was classified at a stage 0. I had been doing a lot of therapy prior to that, but the muscle strength I was gaining wasn't working in synergy with the body the way it should. I couldn't hold my shoulder blades in, down, or back. So they were very unstable. If a therapist sat me up tall, I was unable to keep my arms down...the shoulders wanted to come up. However, IMT works to change the structure of the body & put things back in balance to allow the body to heal. Since I started there, I have progressed from stage 0 to 3, and I'm on my way to stage 4. So my shoulders are working much better, and when I get to stage 6, I'll be able to transfer myself in & out of my wheelchair. Stages 0-4 mean that you cant support yourself independently against gravity. Once you get past that, they work on against gravity skills.

It's a slow progression, but it can be compared to a baby. They sit & crawl before they can stand & walk. It is exciting to see that I'm progressing through these stages. Because I'm able to have support in my shoulders, I can stand in the gait trainer with only knee immobilizers on & a strap between my legs to help support the pelvis. Then i work on weight shifting & hiking my hip.

This week my left wrist is also starting to extend against gravity. I'll continue to post new improvements & put pics & videos on YouTube that you can access through my website. Thank you!

(also, to my mr faMous -u know who are- thanks for your encouragement & your amazing ability to make me smile!!!)

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